The power of cultivating Space.....

If I think back to the time I was at a crossroads in my health and life, there is one thing that really stands out. There was no space, there was lots of pushing, filled in time, plans, controlling, busy-ness and loads of check lists, oh and fear. Yes, the fear of what happens when I stop?

You may be thinking “what is this space you are speaking of Sammy?” At the time I had no idea either, but let me tell you it is simple—not necessarily easy but rather a simple concept. The space my friend is, the time in between the busy-ness—the ‘being’ not the ‘doing’.

For so long, I ignored the ‘being’ part of me, I never listened to what my innate wisdom, my gut or my body was trying to communicate to me. Instead, the hustle crowded out this space and I gradually become more lost within myself, my health deteriorated and I couldn’t understand why.

Cultivating space for ourselves is so incredibly important. From experience, I would go as far to say that it is even more important than the ‘doing.’ It is within this space that I allowed myself to get real—listen to my body, and learn to understand why my health and life was taking a pretty steep dip.

I discovered feeling ‘stuck’ was a reflection of not living out my core values—which at the time I didn’t even really know what these were exactly. Here in lies the beauty and richness of this space, it not only allows our body to be and take some much needed chill out time—it gets us in the zone of curiousness, reflection and reviewing of what is and isn’t working well in our health and life.

I dabbled in this space for a couple of years, I dipped my toe in, got it wet, let it dry off and then carried on. However, each time I did this I would take a baby step forward (which was good) but, I would then retreat, my Mafia mind (or Ego) would take over and the discomfort of just ‘being’ in this space got the better of me.

“It is in the discomfort that we find ourselves, we come home to our truth and life lessons.” SJP

In order to move into this space of being, we need to be open to any discomfort that may be felt. It is within this discomfort things begin to unfold. We begin to see, feel and trust what is showing up for us.

Trust in this process, it may take a while to cultivate this space into your every day life—I get it. It took me a little over two years to make this a priority, but it is so worth it.

Let me share with you some of the ways this space of being has helped me realize and understand more about myself:

·      Why I felt that creating space meant I was lazy

·      Why my health had not improved

·      What I truly felt about myself

·      Why I felt stuck

·      What my body needed from me

·      What I needed to do in order to improve my health and life situation

·      Why my workplace made me anxious

If you’re in the state of busy-ness 24/7, feeling as though your health isn’t at its best and life is beginning to consume you, I highly recommend taking the time to cultivate space in your schedule. Eventually making it top priority and a non-negotiable.

Examples of Practices you can do in your space:

·      Meditate

·      Journal

·      Sit in stillness and breathe deeply

·      Walk in nature

·      Sip a cuppa whilst you sit and reflect about your day

·      Write a gratitude list

·      Yoga/stretches

·      Move your body to the beat of your favourite song


Please remember this takes time, patience and practice. Yes, it is a simple practice but not an easy one. Be gentle with yourself, start gradually—perhaps once per week and build from there. It’s a lifetime process that will continue to unfold; the more you grow and become open to what the space has to offer you.