One fun and simple way to release anxiety get out of your  head & into your body.

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."


Ah, the optimistic quote, encouraging us all to have more of a 'can do' attitude in light of any negativity or pessimism that may be felt.

But, let's be honest—sometimes this “logical” process (let’s call it Plan A), just doesn't cut it. Yes, we can observe our thoughts and think up new, positive and self-affirming ones. I get that the more you train your mind, the more it will believe those positive thoughts—I have written a guide to creating positive affirmations here (click here to download Rewire, Reset & Radiate).

But, sometimes our Ego or Mafia mind gets the better of us and just won't let that shit happen. What if just in a split moment you needed something to ruffle this stagnant, anxious feeling? So, if this Plan A isn’t working what’s Plan B?

For me, Plan B has been the go to when all the positive thoughts just aren't working, for whatever reason my mind is telling me.

You my darling will love this.

Raw Dancing!! Yes I said Raw Dancing!!

Belinda Davidson refers to this practice as Raw Dancing, which to me is basically dancing your freaking heart out like nobody's business!!

Before you think, what is she on, let me explain. Without getting too woo-woo on you, we are all made up of life force energy. There are areas in our body called Chakras, which energetically fuel aspects of our physical body and life. In order for us to be functioning like a well-oiled machine and for our energy field to be flowing nicely we need humming unblocked chakras. Often, we can be so in our heads, day in and day out, we begin to doubt, question, and feel anxious, stuck and stagnant in so many areas of our life. This concept of Raw Dancing has helped me in so many ways—detaching from the trap of my Mafia mind, grounding my energy and bringing my anxiety levels right down.

The ability to just let go of all inhibitions and dance/move to the music is liberating—you can literally feel your vibration and energy change. Now, I'm not saying to not do positive self-talk or reframing of your Mafia mind chatter. But, to get up, dance and get moving—getting out of your head and into your body is incredibly powerful—emotionally, mentally and physically and spiritually.

Just another practice to add to your self-lovin', high vibin' toolkit!

Let me know how you go.



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PPS: If you are at work not to worry, take a break, step outside with your headphones and some tunes and either go for a walk or dance in nature and let yourself move to the rhythm of the music.