5 Steps to Decision Making

Have you ever felt torn, stressed or overwhelmed when trying to make a decision?

The decision could be what colour top to wear that day, whether to invest your time and money into that course or whether to move overseas to finally pursue your creative passion? However big or small the decision, I’m sure at some point you have felt unsure and even perhaps unable to make the decision yourself.

For some people decisions seem easy, but for many of us the ‘trivial’ feel complex and uncomfortable.

Here are 5 tried and tested steps, by moi to help create more ease during the decision making process. Practice and there is no doubt you may still feel conflicted or lack trust in yourself at first however, the more you go through these steps and repeat them, the easier you will gain back confidence and more trust will be built within yourself.


1. Create space: Sit in a quiet place with a pen and notepad and some soothing tunes, perhaps even light a candle or burn some incense. Create a space in your mind and body by taking deep breaths in and out of your nose.

2. Know what your choices are: You will know what your choices are most likely because, you have been deliberating over them for some time. Bring these with you as you continue on to the next step.

3. Ask your body how it feels if you were to choose option X? Close your eyes and imagine you have already made the decision and chosen this option, how does it feel in your body? Notice without judgment any tightness, anxiety or restricted feelings. Notice if there are any light and spacious feelings, or does a smile come to your face? Is there a sensation of warmth and relief?

4. Do the same above for option Y and any other potential options.

5. After completing the previous steps, bring your feelings, sensations and thoughts to your notepad—write down what you experienced, how each option felt and which one felt more aligned with you. If you are still unsure of your final decision go through part of your day ‘as if’ you have made a decision and reflect afterwards by talking it over with a loved one or writing in down in your trusty notepad.  

This activity can be repeated, as many times as you feel is needed. It does take some time to notice the subtleties our body speaks to us. Don’t be afraid or worried if a clear yes or no to your decision doesn’t come to you right away.

Remember, by practicing these steps you are building trust in yourself—a knowing that the answer most aligned with you will come through to you.


As Yogi Bhajan says, “start and the pressure will be off.”


Yours in ease and trust,