7 Steps to keeping healthy whilst traveling….


We all know that traveling takes us out of our every day routine, what we would normally eat and how often we would normally exercise. But traveling doesn’t have to be an excuse to let those things slide, keeping healthy is possible even whilst on vacation or traveling for work.

Here are 7 steps that can help you maintain your health without feeling as though you aren’t able to enjoy the luxuries and perhaps the added treats whilst traveling.


1. Stay hydrated: Our bodies are made up of 60%, to keep our organs functioning well we need to stay hydrated especially whilst traveling as planes, trains and automobiles can dehydrate us. Drinking between 1-2L p/day of water and even herbal teas is ideal for keeping our insides nicely hydrated. Your skin, will thank-you too.

2. Sleep: When traveling sleep can often be pushed by the way side, I get it—fitting in the site seeing, shopping and eating out takes time and you want to make the most of every second. But trust me when I say doing all of this whilst sleep deprived will only create moodiness and more than likely your day will come to an end sooner because you’re too tired to focus and enjoy yourself. So, getting 7-8 hours of sleep is still ideal, I find that going to bed by 9.30pm does wonders as it allows for those earlier mornings giving you extra time to see that bit extra wherever you maybe staying. If a late night is calling—perhaps there is a cool new bar that everyone is raving about and you need to try it for yourself, having a nap in the arvo is always a good idea so you are not missing out on those precious 7-8 hours.

3. Staying active: Chances are whilst you’re on holiday you wont be doing the same exercise or movement routine you do back home. Please know that this is more than ok and is not worth stressing about. You will probably be surprised how much movement you do in a day especially if you are walking around sight-seeing or doing other activities like swimming, hiking, bike riding etc. These are all great ways of keeping your fitness levels up—after all any type of movement for your body is great!  If you want to get your heart rate up a short Tabata session in your Air BnB or Hotel room will work a treat! All you need to do is clear some space, throw on some workout gear or trackies and move your body with 10/10 effort for as little as 4-5 minutes. This is one of my fav interval workouts from one of my fav people (Kate Callaghan) at theholisticnutritionist.com. Try this: 20 seconds of squats as fast and hard as you can followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat this 8-10 times!

4.   Food: When it comes to traveling it can be so exciting trying the local cuisines and indulging more often than you usually would. Again, this is more than OK. We all deserve to let loose every now and again and yes, there are always healthier alternatives however, if there isn’t it’s ok to indulge in an ice-cream sundae or that piece of chocolate cake. What I find works is eating a nice substantial breakfast, one that has all the goodies—protein, fats and carbs. Load up at breakfast as this will keep you feeling satiated for longer and your blood sugar levels will thank-you (no sugar cravings and hunger shakiness). If you can find a salad bar this is an awesome option for lunch, getting some greens in, along with some protein, fats and carbohydrates will keep you going until the evening. Some supermarkets have salad bars that cost as little as $10 (especially in the USA) to fill a generous size container that could even be enough for two people. Being prepared when it comes to food and knowing what is around in the area you’re traveling in is key to staying on track and feeding your body the goodness it requires.  See my next step ‘Indulge”, I feel this is a step in its own right because, no holiday is a goodie without a little indulgence.

5. Indulge: This friend is all part of keeping healthy both in the mind and our body. Trying new treats is all part of the fun whilst being away. The most important thing when it comes to indulging is to a) be mindful whilst eating it and b) enjoy a treat 3-4 times per week. Obviously, indulging in treat that are a little on the healthier side would be ideal however, if you feel like having a slice of cake with cream then this is also fine. My feeling is if we deprive yourself from eating the cake (especially if its one you haven’t tried before) you’re mind will not thank-you and you may be paying for it later. By this I mean, the stress of restricting yourself can do more damage than the act of eating the treat. Our thoughts are so incredibly powerful and have such a profound effect on our overall health and wellbeing. So, healthy or more on the unhealthy side of a treat I say have it but, enjoy it, really enjoy it. Eat it mindfully and embrace each bite, savour the taste and the moment, and even better share the experience with a loved one. You don’t have to share your cakeJ just the experience. Remember, stress from our thoughts can affect our weight, so rather than stress over the treat just eat it and enjoy it. Stay balanced it what you eat and your health will remain in check.

6. Gratitude: I find this practice to be a non-negotiable at home and abroad. Keeping up a gratitude practice whilst you’re away allows you to stay grounded in your experience, cements in your mind and body high-vibe feelings and memories of the days adventures. These feelings and thoughts create an energy in you that far out ways any negativity, worry or anxiety you may experience. My experience is that this practice also helps it feel like the holiday isn’t flying by because you are more present and reflective in each and every day. It doesn’t have to be that you write down what your grateful for that day it could be a discussion you have with your loved one you may be traveling with or it could be writing a journal entry each morning or evening, whatever works for you.

7. Trying something new: Traveling in itself maybe new to you although, I’m sure at some point in your life you have traveled somewhere new, even if it was a day trip somewhere out of town. Traveling to me is all about new experiences, expansion and getting out of our comfort zone and familiar surroundings. So, have a go on that roller coaster, hike up that step hill, talk to the locals, experience driving in a different country, try a new cuisine, say yes more and no less. It’s what it’s all about, the challenge, the adventure—this is what keeps us fresh, motivated and driven and allows those high-vibe feelings to pulse through our mind and body. This is just as important as nourishing your body with good quality food, water and restful sleep.

Happiness, adventure and high vibes to you,