Bring forth your Joy....

Lately, I’ve been feeling... “so serious," I know that’s a quote from a movie but I can’t remember which one. Anyway, this seriousness has got me in all soughts of funk and has had me feeling ungrounded and all up in my head…until the other day I took some much needed space—physical and mental. You see, I realize I had been falling into old patterns of behavior, focusing on ‘doing’ more in order to ‘succeed’ but I’d forgotten about the ‘being’ part and what can be found in just that—being me. This ‘being’ space is without doubt something that I believe needs more air time in everyone’s life—within this space I made a list of everything that brings me joy and for me it was minus anything to do with work, career, work, changing jobs, work, oh and did I mention work? This ‘being’ comes from the heart—the part of us that lies within, that little inner child in all of us that keeps us in the present moment, where wonder can be found in the little things like laying on the grass, gazing up at the clouds and making pictures and creating stories from them. I honestly love doing this.


So, this space I deliberately created gave me time to get back into my ‘being-ness’ and back into my heart to feel what I am missing in my everyday—what makes me smile, what brings me joy and lights me up from the inside out. As I put pen to paper my list began to flow and my smile began to grow—I could feel the seriousness within my mind dissipate, like a tense headache slowly fading.


I thought I would share a pic of my list with you, this is how it stands, at least for now. You might find yours changes occasionally or regularly—I know mine will continue to evolve as I do and that is more than okay. Within the space of ‘being’, and brining attention to where perhaps we could flex our joy muscle each day, we allow ourselves time to be more present, live less intensely and given time see that, what we want and desire we can create without the pushing and over-achieving day in and day out.



This is a process I am working through at the moment and I know will continue to do so for the rest of my life’s journey, I’m accepting of and okay with that. Being ourselves can be one of the hardest if not the hardest task we are given in this lifetime, it’s also one of the most special and divine gifts that deserves to be treasured and shared with those whom we wish to.


“We make space inside ourselves, so that being can speak.” ~ Martin Heidegger


May today you create the space to just be you, to write your joy list, opening up your heart in the process to honour and accept all that you are, just as you are.


In joy, being and with love,