My skin journey part 2...

My first thought of beginning a meditation practice was, “how’s that going to help?” It felt like a waste of time and like I could be doingsomething else to get my health and skin back on track. But, when I really got honest with myself I could see my practitioner was right, and given my personal health history and my professional work in mental health I knew how effective meditation was for both body and mind. My mediation journey began with the 1giantmind app, an awesome guide, especially for anyone starting out on his or her journey. For someone who is a reforming Type-A personality and who especially back then, found it hard to sit still and just be I needed something to guide and help me in the process of being still. It began with every morning sitting for 20 minutes and listening to the guidance of this app, which then gradually turned into a twice a day practice, morning and afternoon.  Although I didn’t see much change in my skin at this point, I began to notice subtle changes in my mood, sleep, energy levels and a renewed ability to slow down…. without much if any guilt, this alone was huge for me. 



Along with organic, ‘no-nasties’ skincare and regular facials, meditation and a host of supplements I continued to have no period and my skin was only a little less inflamed, although improving overall—there were times that I just wanted to give up, like a lot! But, I knew that this was an opportunity for me to really get myself back on track and deep within I knew there were still some underlying things I needed to work on, which I had continued to bury and some of which I wasn’t even conscious of until I began to carve out space and time for myself. The beautiful thing about my skin journey is that even though it started out as just that, it became so much more—there is great truth and wisdom behind the notion that our skin is the reflection of our inner health. I suppose I did know this but hadn’t really considered myself in this, I never really made the conscious effort to go within, on all levels even when I was at an all time low in my life. 


I truly believe the teacher appears when the student is ready and although there were signs of my health being out of balance both physically and mentally in the past, I look back and see that perhaps in those moments I wasn’t ready—instead I needed more time and for more things to come to my consciousness on a greater scale before taking the required action.

To be continued….