My skin journey part 3...

My skin was looking better, my period did eventually return…. Hallelujah! Here are what I found most helpful in regaining my inner health and skin health.

Firstly I will say the more balanced my hormones became the better my skin got—makes total sense right?!

·     Meditation and time for me to chill and to learn to be okay with that and not feel as though it is a waste of time, and that I’m deserving of this time – something, which I have found to be an old belief that stemmed from my childhood.

·     Eating enough and a variety of food groups: Little did I know I wasn’t eating enough greens and other nourishing foods and I also needed to eat more at each meal. Especially carbs, which for years I perceived as the bad guy but, what I found was how much more energy I had when I began incorporating more, my stress levels lowered and I genuinely felt happier and healthier within myself. 

·     Mindset – This at times was confronting and super challenging, especially when being confronted with negative and limiting beliefs I had and still to some degree have about myself and that I have held onto for many years. This work still continues, and I know it will for the rest of my life here on this earth and I am okay with that. I see it as a positive now, to keep in touch with my thoughts and feelings and to show up as the observer each and every day, this is something we can all work on, in my belief, especially in a world where its so easy to become consumed by other’s highlight reels, opinions and judgments. 

·     Investing in a holistic practitioner whose aim is to look at the root cause of where and why the imbalance in health is occurring. With this help and guidance I learnt more about myself, grew the confidence to draw on my own innate knowing and learned knowledge and the best supplements I needed to take in order to help replenish my body and skin health.

First time out to dinner without foundation on in years! Just brow liner, mascara and a little red lippy, of course:)

First time out to dinner without foundation on in years! Just brow liner, mascara and a little red lippy, of course:)


I look back and feel truly blessed to have experienced this in my life, for I wouldn’t be where I am today without this experience. 


Sometimes when we are in the midst of darkness, hardship or a difficult time we may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Taking small steps each day, knowing what feels right for you and always bringing in supports when and where you feel it is needed are all part of the journey—along with learning more about yourself and what you need in order to be the healthiest and most radiant version of you!




P.S - My top place to source good organic skincare and treatments - Belinda Hughes Clinic, Toorak, Melbourne (belinda The clinic I go to for Naturopathy and Acupunture - Balanced Medicine, Highett, Melbourne (