Happy hormones on a plate...

As you probably know from my previous blog posts, having balanced hormones has been something I’ve been personally working on for the last few years. This topic of women’s hormones can be all of the complicated, fascinating, frustrating and ever evolving all rolled into one. It’s a vast topic that can be overwhelming and I’m not going to lie, I most definitely still have my moments, however what I have found is by breaking it down into small easy to follow segments has been the most helpful way to deal with the struggle.


One segment is in understanding food—it’s a biggy, as there are lots of elements that go into nourishing ourselves, for our hormones to be humming to support our health and vitality. What it really comes down to is eating good, honest and real food, nothing processed, genetically modified or stripped of its natural health and healing powers in any way. There are key nutrients and ways of eating that don’t have to be overly complicated or scientific for that matter.


I’m sure you have heard of the term “macronutrient”, which simply are energy providing chemical substances that is found in foods such as fat, carbohydrates and protein. There are also smaller substances called micronutrients that are required in smaller amounts from the foods we eat. What I have found throughout my hormonal health journey is making sure I eat whole-foods that are as close to nature as possible, with my main meals including all the macronutrients, so that I know I am getting a nice rounded wholesome hormone happy meal. Below, I have included an image of what a typical dinner of mine may look like. Now, I’m not saying that yours should look exactly the same by any means because; I understand we each have our own unique bio-individuality, and while I may need more fat for my body and constitution, you may need more protein.


A meal such as the one below is something that over time I have found works for my body and my hormones. Your plate may look a little different and that’s okay, what I want is for you to build an awareness in the importance of whole- unadulterated, organic where possible food.  If you have hormone imbalances and depending on what your imbalance is, will determine how your plate may need to be tweaked in order to serve you and your body and your hormones optimally.

 Baked Salmon with stir-fry veggies and a creamy green dressing.



Please know that this is just a guide, which I have learnt over time has helped me along my journey to a healthier cycle and more balanced hormones. I always recommend to firstly see a holistic doctor or naturopath to assist in the diagnosis of any hormonal health issue that you feel may be present. This is purely what has helped me, along with my own research and guidance from practitioners. 


Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.