Happy hormones on a plate...

As you probably know from my previous blog posts, having balanced hormones has been something I’ve been personally working on for the last few years. This topic of women’s hormones can be all of the complicated, fascinating, frustrating and ever evolving all rolled into one. It’s a vast topic that can be overwhelming and I’m not going to lie, I most definitely still have my moments, however what I have found is by breaking it down into small easy to follow segments has been the most helpful way to deal with the struggle.


One segment is in understanding food—it’s a biggy, as there are lots of elements that go into nourishing ourselves, for our hormones to be humming to support our health and vitality. What it really comes down to is eating good, honest and real food, nothing processed, genetically modified or stripped of its natural health and healing powers in any way. There are key nutrients and ways of eating that don’t have to be overly complicated or scientific for that matter.


I’m sure you have heard of the term “macronutrient”, which simply are energy providing chemical substances that is found in foods such as fat, carbohydrates and protein. There are also smaller substances called micronutrients that are required in smaller amounts from the foods we eat. What I have found throughout my hormonal health journey is making sure I eat whole-foods that are as close to nature as possible, with my main meals including all the macronutrients, so that I know I am getting a nice rounded wholesome hormone happy meal. Below, I have included an image of what a typical dinner of mine may look like. Now, I’m not saying that yours should look exactly the same by any means because; I understand we each have our own unique bio-individuality, and while I may need more fat for my body and constitution, you may need more protein.


A meal such as the one below is something that over time I have found works for my body and my hormones. Your plate may look a little different and that’s okay, what I want is for you to build an awareness in the importance of whole- unadulterated, organic where possible food.  If you have hormone imbalances and depending on what your imbalance is, will determine how your plate may need to be tweaked in order to serve you and your body and your hormones optimally.

 Baked Salmon with stir-fry veggies and a creamy green dressing.



Please know that this is just a guide, which I have learnt over time has helped me along my journey to a healthier cycle and more balanced hormones. I always recommend to firstly see a holistic doctor or naturopath to assist in the diagnosis of any hormonal health issue that you feel may be present. This is purely what has helped me, along with my own research and guidance from practitioners. 


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Meditation and Period health

 It is true they say, that our period is our monthly report card showing us where our body may potentially be out of balance, it's fascinating how our bodies work, isn't it?. It has been through my own process of regaining my period and now working consciously to continue to regulate it—the opportunity for greater insight into my health and the importance of reflection has been so valuable. You can also read a previous blog, '9 Things Hypothalamic Amenorrhea taught me' (https://samantha-pearson-mx67.squarespace.com/config/pages/58ae58a915d5db5ac23002c7


I often speak about intuition and following your gut or inner guidance; I’ve found that to help me tap into this space two things have needed to happen.


1.     Meditation has become a non- negotiable for me. Yes, it has been part of my life for the last 4 years however; there have been times where I’ve felt like I don’t need it—hello ego. This is something I am consciously aware of now and I know that when I have these thoughts or feelings of resistance, there is a need to ‘go there’ even more.


2.     Balancing my hormones, regaining my period and tracking when I’m ovulating has gone hand-in-hand with creating space for a daily meditation practice. You see, the more I have worked on decreasing my levels of stress and building a stronger level of connection and resilience within myself, the more this has assisted my hormones and enabled them to rest, repair and begin to function more optimally.


Below is a diagram that explains what happens when we are in a continued state of stress—known as The Pregnenolone Steal—your sex and stress hormones need this same precursor (cue, pregnenolone). If you’re body senses danger, be it sitting in traffic or ongoing poor sleep, your body will prioritise stress hormone production over production of sex hormones. So, there will be an increase in cortisol production, thanks to pregnenolone and not much sex hormone production going on.

(K. Callaghan)



Not only can chronic stress have implications for sexual health—the ongoing elevated levels of cortisol can attribute to, inflammation, gut issues, impaired adrenal health and digestive issues. Hopefully this might be starting to create some awareness within yourself, how you deal with stressors and what impact that may be having on your hormonal health and general wellbeing.


Through my own meditation experience, one of the biggest lessons it has gifted me is an increased awareness of not only my thoughts but also my physical body and overall health. Through this awareness I have become so much more in-tune with my monthly cycle, my levels of stress and fatigue and understanding the cause and where I need to tweak things in order to help bring my body back to a state of more ease, ‘rest and digest’ and balance.


If you are struggling with regaining your cycle, post taking the oral contraceptive pill or if your periods have changed in some way, perhaps they are more irregular or the flow of your cycle has altered—reach out for support and guidance. I would also urge you to look at your stress levels and really consider bringing in practices like mediation, that will help you re-connect with yourself, bring more stillness into your life and above all help build a greater awareness of your health and wellbeing, so you can then continue to take the action required to create positive change.


A big part of my work and mission is to let women know that they are not alone. Often when we are going through certain circumstances in life that create stress or dis-ease we can often look at others and wish we were more like them, or had the life they have. Know this, they too are probably thinking the exact same thing about you. If we don’t create space for truth and vulnerability and connection, then these feelings that many of us so often feel will potentially exacerbate and compound things even further, creating more stress disharmony in our body and life.


If you feel the need to reach out and express what it is you’re experiencing right now be it stress, hormonal imbalance or whatever it may be, reply below or to Sammy@sammyjpearson.com.


With love




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