( With love, gratitude and a "hell yeh" recommendation)

1Giant Mind App

This free app is amazing! It was this app that opened me up to the world of mediation and mindfulness. Super easy to use and it comes with a comprehensive library of Q+A's, which answered loads of questions about meditation and certain experiences you may encounter during a mediation.

Belinda Davidson; (SoMM) Medical Intuitive & Modern Mystic

Belinda is truly a beautiful soul,  her dedication to helping others find their true purpose in this life has been truly inspirational and life-changing. Belinda has delivered a spiritual course for the modern day women, encompassing the benefits and importance of chakra healing work, white-light channeling and mindfulness.


Cassie Mendoza Jones; Author, Kinesiologist, Naturopath and Speaker.

Cassie's Emotional Harmony course gives you the opportunity to become your own guru and start to heal yourself. Through guided modules Cassie brings a genuine and down-to-earth approach with guided meditations and practical tools to help build inner confidence, move away from the comparison trap and harness and validate your authenticity and truth.

Cassie's book: You are Enough, a beautiful book full of tools and techniques to help you accept yourself and realise you are already enough as you are.



Danielle Paige; Intuitive Astrologer, Healer & Coach.

Danielle is amazing at what she does. Through her soulful 1:1 sessions and her 'Full Moon Circles', Danielle uses her gifts in astrology, intuition and coaching to help you connect with your purpose, remove any blocks, gain confidence and clarity and feel more connected to your true self.