"Where do I start to say how much Sam has helped me from being stuck to helping me make positive changes in my life.  I am so lucky to have Sam as a friend in my life, she is so beautiful inside and out and helps me to see things in a new way that I couldn't see myself.  Sam has helped me challenge my thinking without me really realising she has!! I'll find myself thinking things like "listen to your body" and Ill think where did that come from its not me....but it is Sam and she is so right.  Whenever I meet with Sam I leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to make small changes in my life that are within my control to make me happy.  Sam is such a caring, calm, funny and totally awesome person who really does leave a sparkle wherever she goes."

Christina Cooper-Wallis


“Sam is just incredible. She understands deeply what it means to transcend your insecurities in order to step fully into your feminine power and to know your worth. I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves. Sam saw my inner beauty and held that space for me. She was able to listen –really listen– to what was going on for me and to offer support in a gentle, compassionate way. She understands women’s insecurities around body-consciousness, anxiety and self worth and feeling lost in life and oneself like no one else I know. And on top of that she has an amazing beauty therapy skill set to help you feel confident on the outside as well. She brings together an authentic, deep, holistic approach and extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition, mindset and spiritual work to balance inner and outer beauty.”


Karen Geddis pic.jpg

After hearing about Sam’s introduction/exploration sessions through Facebook I contacted her to make my own appointment. I met with Sam for a little over an hour and we talked about what I felt I needed to change to reach my goal of being genuinely happy. We spent some time talking about what Sam could offer as assistance to reaching my goal and what work would be involved. Sam made me feel immediately comfortable and at ease and I felt I could be open and honest with her from the very start. I would highly recommend her to all of my friends and family who need that extra bit of help to find themselves.

Joanne Doherty

The session I had with Sam was fantastic. I came away with clear tips and tools for living mindfully and reducing stress in my busy life :) I would highly recommend her services.

 Genevieve Cavey