Hi! I'm Sammy, Sam to my family and Boo to my husband. I am a Mind-Body and lifestyle coach.


My vision is to inspire girls and women to see their beauty is awesome and something to be shred with everyone they meet every day. By partnering with me you will be working with so mine who knows your pain and understands these deep emotions that hold you back.

My coaching methods are to show women that by nourishing their mind, body and spirit they can take control of their life and live it to its fullest potential - and that this can all be achieved whilst accepting their true, authentic selves.

You have probably come to my website because you are looking for something. you cannot quid put your finger on it, but it's in you and it's screaming to get out. Trust me, I have had that all my life lol!

For years I have been seeking my purpose and what makes me happy. i have had probably 6 different jobs since I left high school (I lost count lol!) and 4 tertiary certificates and an undergraduate degree - but none of this ever told me who I was and what I should do.

Let me take you back..........

I grew up in Melbourne living probably a life like most. I have lived in Melbourne all my life, except a short 18-month adventure with my now husband around Europe.

I was actually a very happy kid - very naughty, very extroverted, very mischievous and very clingy to my Mum. I guess I was your average happy-go-lucky-kid, who loved creating fantastical worlds and characters with myself and my millions of Barbie dills. This kept me amused for hours, and in retrospect I was very, very happy.

Life was simple, happy and uncomplicated.....until I got to high-school.

Adjusting to this new environment, the way I looked at everything began to change, and tho happy-go-lucky girl slowly became shy, more introverted, overwhelmed, sometimes embarrassed easily and confused.

Physical changes and mental challenges were thrust upon me and I didn't have very good coping skills.

The pressure from school to complete work blunted my creative side and things I wasn't good at sapped my self-confidence and made me think I wasn't ready for this world.

I had to make decisions about what I wanted to do when I finished school; a never-ending topic of discussion both at home and at school. Because I didn't know how to make these choices I started to look to others.

This is where I retreated into my head and I became consumed by what others thought I should do, be and achieve. My mind felt like it was one big miss-mash of 'should be's' and 'should nit's'. I battled with the feeling that to be a success I had to go to University so I could earn good money and provide for myself and for my family one day.

I would genuinely hear my brain telling me I had "disappointed my parents," "I was never going to be successful" and that "I wasn't smart enough to go to University anyway."

I look back on this and wish my older self could have told me, 'trust what make you happy.'

The horrible thought - and although a the time I didn't know they were just that - became my reality. I genuinely BELIEVED I wasn't good enough and smart enough, and I found myself in a deep, dark hole of uncertainty, despair and depression.

My stress and anxiety increased and all I wanted to do was retreat. I felt as though I had lost control.

To combat these feelings trapped deep down, I found two things that brought me some sense of elation, empowerment and control: exercise and food.

I knew when I did exercise it made me feel better so I though I would ramp it up a little. Exercising made me feel good, and as thought I really had my shit together. My training moved from a few days a week to daily, and soon it evolved from daily to twice daily.

I started to very my food, or should I say, cut things out that I had learned weren't 'good' for you, I'm talking the era when low fat diets were in and so was no carbs....so out the window they went. This was something I felt I had mastered, and you know what? It felt GOOD.

It didn't last though. It wasn't sustainable. Over time I went from feeling amazing to feeling moody, and lacking energy and motivation.

In hindsight, I was punishing myself. Yup, food and exercise had turned into a form of self-harm. When I didn't feel good enough, or when I couldn't be there for someone in need I would exercise more and restrict the food I ate further.

Life became pretty grim. I felt like an empty vessel and I was still trying to find myself in other people's ideals. One day it all became too much. There I was, a 20-year-old woman sobbing in my Mum's arms, unable to accept the small amount of food I had just eaten but gene more than that, I was unable to accept who I was, and had completely lost my way in life.

My body stopped working, negative stories in my mind had increased a trillion fold. It was at that time that I embarked on my mind-body healing journey.

When I started to recover I decide to become a beauty therapist. It was such a great choice, because I loved where I worked and I loved seeing my clients return over many years. However, the joy I found in transforming the way they looked and seeing them look in the mirror also gave me a sense of melancholy, as I too wanted to feel that happiness.

A few years into this job again I started to look beyond what I was doing. Choices were in front of me. One to study Nursing and do something that I could always fall back on (I hate this term) because ti would give me a career, or, two, take up a short term body-double role for an Australian actress on a movie in Melbourne.

Guess which one I chose? Number one.

Those old voices came back to me and I was pulled back from the brink of a life I had always dreamed of to one where I would be doing what everyone else wanted me to do.

So I went onto to study at University, and deep down I felt angry and upset - a failure for deciding not to do something that may have made me happy. It's funny, because now I think "why didn't I pick the Health Science degree instead of Nursing," but what I should have chosen was an opportunity to work in film.

I look at this moment now philosophically, regrettably, and ultimately the choice was made and again I am reminded that it comes down to trusting what makes you happy.

You see, I haven't always been on this journey and had this awareness. For many years I struggled to feel content with who I was inside and out.

I had to get honest with myself and start honouring who I truly was......

I began to meditate (which, incidentally, has changed my life completely. It had given me more balance and harmony and one reason for my improved health).

But I still felt life was passing me by, and I wanted more self-fulfilment.

After a few years of Nursing, I started to look into Nutrition courses. There I found IIN. This was a positive message and it challenged the conventional approach to helping people with their health - no diet pills, no fads, just good honest self-help and development.

I now had my purpose, plus the inspiration to harness everything I had learnt and experienced, to share with others.

I will leave you with a few quotes of the girl I used to be:

The girl who never knew what she wanted to do in life and who never had that one thing she was really good at.

The girl who never felt smart enough, good enough or 'perfect' enough.

The girl who used to look in the mirror and WISHED for a different reflection.

You, my dear, are worthy. This world needs you to radiate and shine your beautiful light.



I would love to hear from you.