Do you want to?

Be free from food restrictions & emotional eating
Find what lights you up and live with more passion and purpose
Stop needing outside validation to make you happy

Feel more  energised and vital
Take back control of your life
Feel comfortable in your skin

Learn to love and accept yourself  
Live with more self-trust
Learn how to tune into your intuition


Because you are struggling with.........


A lack of purpose or drive
Disordered eating
Low self-esteem and body awareness

Feeling 'out of control' in your life
Lack of inspiration and uncertainty paralysis
High stress levels, anxiety and hormonal imbalances


I know what you are thinking:  "I am aware what I need to do, but things will just get better and with time all will be ok!"

I understand because I too used to say that to myself. I used to feel that if I just kept pushing, if I just "get on with things," all will be fine. But, we both know that isn't what happens. In order to make change you need to build an awareness of what is no longer working for you and then really know your WHY for making that change. I have spent many years searching and looking outside myself to find the answers to my own happiness and success. And guess what I found out? Happiness ain't about getting that perky booty, getting that third degree, making your parents proud, eating clean 24/7. Nope, the answers lie within you, and not outside of yourself.


Here is how you can turn things around
for your health, happiness and your life.

'Unleashing her inner radiance'.......


My signature program: Helping you to elevate your whole health, empower yourself to take the action towards your goals so you can radiate as your truest, most authentic and healthiest you.


It's a simple 3-step approach of Mind, Body and Spirit, designed to help women own their power, find their purpose in life, live with more health and happiness and energetically allow themselves to step into and own their passion and purpose today, with more self trust and confidence.

Implementing this 3-step approach will dramatically transform your life! I can say that because these are tools and techniques that I have used too, on my journey to a more happier, confident and more radiant me!

Over 12 weeks with me you will:

Get clear on your values and your WHY
Learn how to set your own goals that are in line with your values
Learn how to bring meaning to your everyday

Develop techniques to tame your 'monkey mind' and decrease stress and anxiety
Learn how feeling vital and healthy isn't just about nutrition and exercise
Build self-esteem by no longer letting limiting beliefs hold you back from living the life you desire

Learn to trust yourself & live a purpose-filled life

Learn to Move your body and live each day more intuitively
Balance your hormones for improved physical and mental health


It is time for you to SHINE from the inside-out.


Additional Services:

  • "Clarify and magnetise your Radiance" - A one-off session offered upon enquiry.

  • In person 60 minute 1:1 Reiki and coaching session - an energetic healing session followed by a coaching session, where you are held in a safe and secure space.

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Take the first step towards a healthier, happier and more vital YOU!